MeHi, I’m Jessica, a design addict from the pretty little city of Portland, Oregon. Denisen Design Studio is an experimental creative outlet where I take on new design challenges of all types and offer a service that is infinitely customizable and unbiased. To some my work may appear indiscriminate, but it is precisely this quality that allows me to find charm in every style.

Appreciating the beauty in little things has always come naturally to me. With a life-long obsession for art and design, I began painting landscapes as a teenager then instinctively went on to renovate and build furniture for my first home. And although I received a business degree, my need to create drove me to a career in mechanical design. At my day job as a designer for the automotive industry, I have learned a ton about manufacturing and product development. This experience compelled me to pursue my dream of developing my own designs and helping others actualize their aesthetic.

I’d love to help you with…

  • Special events
    • Floral and surface arrangement
    • Attire and accessory coordination
    • Styling of accents and edibles
  • Interiors
    • Color and texture manipulation with paint and materials
    • Decor selection and arrangement
    • Hand sketched or electronic renderings
    • Lighting adjustments and installation
    • Custom furniture design & refinishing
    • Flooring and finishing work
    • Contracting
    • Custom statement art for your home (oil/ink/acrylic)
    • FREE in-home, group seminars: advice on using what you have or making simple updates to alter the look of your interior
  • Product design, modeling, and image rendering (SolidWorks)
  • Graphics/branding (Adobe Illustrator) and web styling (WordPress & more)
  • Craft seminars for DIY enthusiasts

*Currently offering a free, one-room design consultation for your home, now until the end of 2016!